EFFECTIVE February 15, 2012


  Fees subject to change. 


Share and Share Draft Accounts

Abandoned Account Fees-5 years with no activity       $50.00

Account Printouts                                                        $1.50 per month

Statement Copy Fee                                                    $1.50 per statement

Account Reconciliation Fee                                          $15.00 per hour

Account Research Fee                                                 $15.00 per hour

Non-Sufficient Funds                                                   $28.00 each

Non-Sufficient Funds ACH                                          $28.00 each

Courtesy Pay Fee                                                        $28.00 each

Stop Payment Draft                                                     $25.00 each

Stop Payment ACH                                                     $25.00 each

Draft Check copies                                                      $3.00 each

Returned Deposited Item or Checks cashed                 $25.00 each

Check printing fee                                                        Prices vary

Virtual Branch                                                             No fee

Bill Pay                                                                        No fee


Miscellaneous Fees

Check cashing fee     1% of total checks if less than $100 in share account and no other services are being used. (Loans, VISA, Share Draft Account). Minimum $1, Maximum $10.00


Coin Counting Fee- 1% of total coin ran.  Exception- Business Accounts, Safari Club and Senior Club Members.  (Must have the business account with PHFCU.)


Credit Union Check- First one free, $2.00 each additional.


Closed Account Fee- $10.00 if account open less than 90 days


Inactive Account Fee- No financial activity on account for one year or more,  $5.00 per month if combined account balance is less than $100.00.





EFFECTIVE February 15, 2012


Miscellaneous Fees


Wire Transfer out                                      $20.00 each

Wire Transfer In                                        No fee

Western Union Wire                                 $35.00 each

Garnishment/Tax Levy, etc                        $50.00 each

Money Orders                                          $1.00 each

Fax                                                          $3.00 first page, .50 cents each additional 

Travelers Cheques                                    .50 cents per $100.00 sold

Returned mail fee                                       $3.00

Notary fee (members)                               Free


Lending/Credit/Debit/ATM fees

Card Reissue                                     $10.00 each

Pin Reissue                                        $10.00 each

VISA Late Payment                          $28.00 per occurrence

Late Fee Loans                                 $28.00 if 10 days or more past due

Extension Fee                                    $25.00 must be approved- 1 per year

Collection Fee                                    8% for Charged off accounts, Internal Repossessions and

                                                          ALL accounts submitted to CU                                                   

                                                          Attorney or collection agency.

You are allowed 4 ATM withdrawals per month without a fee.

Excessive Transaction Fee                $1.00 per withdrawal

Safe Deposit Box Fees

3 X 5                                          $20.00 annual

3 x 10                                         $30.00 annual

5 X 10                                        $40.00 annual

10 X 10                                      $75.00 annual

Change of lock                            $20.00

Drilling of Box                             Prices vary

Replacement Key                        $20.00 each